Owendo ByPass

Owendo ByPass

Société d’Aménagement du Grand Libreville (SAGL)
RISE Gabon
Highway infrastructure
Development period

On September 1, 2021, the Gabonese government signed a contract with the Société of Greater Libreville, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RISE Gabon, the partnership contract the partnership contract for the Development, Design, Construction, Financing, Operation and Maintenance of the Owendo Bypass road.

This project, included in the 2021-2023 Transformation Acceleration Plan (PAT) consists of the construction of the southern section of Libreville's outer ring road, Owendo Bypass", which will directly connect National Road 1, the Nkok Special Economic Zone the Nkok Special Economic Zone, and the Owendo port area.

This bypass will make it possible to :

Reduce travel time between the Owendo port area and the Nkok Special Economic Zone located on Route Nationale 1
Allow an increase in exports by improving access to the Port of Owendo from the hinterland
To participate in the decongestion of Greater Libreville and the fluidity of road traffic for users
Enable heavy trucks to reach the Owendo port area or Route Nationale 1, via a dedicated road, without having to cross densely urbanized and sometimes accident-prone areas.

The partnership contract includes a development period during which the SAGL carries out the technical, environmental, social, economic, financial and legal studies financial and legal studies to evaluate the feasibility of the project and the conditions conditions that will make it bankable for potential investors and lenders. investors and lenders.

Following this evaluation and subject to the favorable conclusion of the studies, SAGL will submit to the Gabonese conclusion of the studies, SAGL will submit to the Gabonese Government a proposal for implementation of the project.

Anticipated impacts

Reduction of the length and duration of the route Route Nationale 1/ZERP de Nkok - Owendo port zone
Improvement of the road safety on the axes pk12-pk5 and pk5-carrefour SNI, by the detour of the heavy vehicles towards the southern ring road
Direct and indirect job creation throughout the duration of the project
Participation in the increase of economic activity and exports, thus stimulating Gabon's economic growth.

Key figures

0 km

Approximately fast track


Approximately a reduction in the length of the route between Route Nationale 1 and the port area of Owendo.

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